30 Day Eviction Notice to Tenant

Notice -1

This is Robert Ben from Denmark, street X. I am writing this letter to Susan Jeremy living in my apartment for two years along with her four children. She came to me when she was helpless, and I allowed her to live here in this apartment. I am also taking less rent from this tenant instead of the total rent.

Now I have got a party who is paying two times more rent than this one. I also have to earn for my family, and it is not enough that the first part pays. So, I want this tenant to evict from this apartment within thirty days. This is a 30-day eviction notice, and it will not be delayed. Kindly leave this apartment on time so that I can make the other party settle here as soon as possible.

As I have mentioned that the eviction must not be delayed, so there is no reason to write me again and again for some time. If still, you find any query, you can contact me on my email x. You can also visit me in my office which is near the apartment and the address is X.

You can call me as well on my given number. Kindly make sure that the things I have provided you with should not be taken by you and if I found anything missing, you will have to face the repercussions. The file attached with this letter has all the accessories that were provided to you when you came to live in.


30 Day Eviction Notice to Tenant

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Notice -2

I, Daniel O Paul writing this letter from Germany for the tenant living in my apartment in California at the address x. They are living here for several months. I gave them the apartment because I was not getting any other tenant for many days. They do not pay the rent on time, and it is very difficult for me to send the notice again and again.

Last week I found another tenant who wants to live in the same apartment in California and they have assured me that they will pay the rent on time. So, I am sending this 30-day eviction notice to the current tenants living in my apartment. I want them to kindly leave this place within time so that I can make other parties live there.

I am trying to bring them to the apartment as soon as possible. The delays will not be entertained. Also, you have some rent pending, so you have to pay that before leaving the apartment. You can visit my office in California as well at street X.

Also, you write an email on X if you have any queries regarding the notice. You can directly call me as well on my number. There is a file attached to this letter. This file has all the terms and conditions. Kindly go through it carefully.

I am sure all the ambiguities will resolve after reading the attached file. Make sure that the pending payment should be paid before leaving otherwise the money will be doubled as a penalty.

30 Day Eviction Notice to Tenant

Document File: 23 KB