Acceptance Letter for Tender Terms and Conditions

Tender terms & conditions letter -1

On behalf of my small-scaled home-based bakery and catering service, Salt and Sugar Bakers and Catering, I would like to express the great joy that I felt upon receiving your tender offer on social media. I have read through all terms and conditions of the offer and know that my bakery can provide you with everything you require exactly how you want it.

Setting up the perfect atmosphere for formal yet relaxing outdoor parties has been our forte for the past five years that we have opened our business. Unlike many others who forget to upgrade with the changing times, we have made sure to make sure that no one in the party catered by us feels uncomfortable.

Since it will be the time of evening, we know exactly the kind of food that goes well at the said time of the day. The ratings our customers have given us on the taste and quality of our food has never dropped less than five stars either. We have all the confections, salty snacks, and beverages that will satisfy the palette of your foreign guests.

We are very confident in the services we can provide you and your guests. In case you are still skeptical, please visit our YouTube Channel link where you can view our audio-visual portfolio. We have designed a proposal for your project which we think would suit your requirements. It is attached to this email.

In order to contact us to provide feedback on the proposal or for any other purpose, please email us at this same email address. You can also call and/or text us at x

I look forward to receiving a positive response from your side.

Kind regards,

Acceptance Letter for Tender Terms and Conditions

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Tender terms & conditions letter -2

I on behalf of Earth and Sky Architects, a commercial architect company, am delighted to announce to you that I am pleased to accept your tender offer. I have gone through all the terms and conditions and have no hesitance in accepting the offer. In fact, it is in sync with the temperament of my company.

We are commercial architects who also happen to be nature lovers and all the architectural projects designed by our company are made to play their role in conserving the environment. Even the Federal Ministry of Environmental Conservation this year, awarded our company a title for dedicating my work to preserve and rejuvenate both the nature and the health of people utilizing our high-rise buildings for their purposes.

I would love to have the name of my company on the list of architects who will play their part in bringing your project to life. Your project is excellent and I know that it will make it big, not only in terms of bringing you fortune and fame but will also be very inspirational for the public worldwide.

We have a proposal that I know would work very well for your project. Please download it from the email attachment. To provide feedback on the proposal or ask any query about anything else, please contact us at X or send us an email at [X].

I hope to receive a positive response from you and wish that your project can bring you success.


Acceptance Letter for Tender Terms and Conditions

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