B2B Partnership Email Samples

Email sample -1

Hope that you are doing well. I see that you have started an excellent business that includes making utensils out of clay. It is a pretty good idea since so many foreigners are coming to our country for sightseeing and clay pots seem like just the right souvenirs for them to take.

If you are interested, I would like to take your business to the next level by subjecting your creations to my printing technology and making them look more exquisite. I know that these days a lot of clay pottery is out in the market which might have made your sales go down a bit but no one has brought such sort of pottery out in the market and this will make you stand out from the others yet again.

I am experienced in this field and know exactly what I am talking about. If you would like to have a look at my products and their reviews please visit our website X.

Please come to the location: X on Sunday at noon and we shall talk about this idea over a cup of coffee. If you are interested, please hit me up on my number X or email me at X. If not, can you please introduce me to some other person who would like to benefit from the printing services that I am willing to provide?


B2B Partnership Email

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Email sample -2

I hope that this email finds you in the best of your health.

I am a regular customer at your seafood restaurant and visit the place once every month. The taste at your restaurant, every time, has managed to sweep me off my feet since it is so similar to the food I used to have during the best days of my childhood.

However, yesterday there was a fault in the quality of your food which soured the taste a bit. The food did not seem fresh. However, I suppose that it is out of your hand, seeing that the grocery stores cannot perform their job properly due to the current economic crisis in the country. This is where I come into the scene as your rescuer.

I am a fisherman and would be very glad if I can provide your restaurant with fresh catch. I am very peculiar about my catch and fish carefully, only the sea creature of the highest quality. Not just that but I also grew organic produce at my personal farm.

If you would like, I would be very happy to provide your restaurant with fresh supplies till the economic situation of the country takes a turn for the better. If you would like to avail of my offer, please contact me at X or reply back to this email. I am willing to be hired as your supplier for a week on probation so that you can judge for yourself if I am worth keeping or not.

If not, can you please just cook the catch I bring just for me? I look forward to receiving your positive response.


B2B Partnership Email

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