Debt Settlement Offer Letter from Creditor

Settlement offer letter -1

I hope you are doing well. As per our last telephonic conversation, I am writing to offer you a debt settlement offer. Getting a loan is not an easy task and to pay it off is even tough. The interest markups and other dues make it seemingly impossible. In such a situation debt settlement offer helps.

You borrowed $ [x] from me on 4th April 20xx. As per our agreement you will return this principal amount along with an interest of 7% which makes it $ [x] per month and calculating the tenure of debt the total amount you will pay would be $ [x] while the principal amount was ay less than it.

If you want to get rid of this situation I have a feasible option available for you as per clause no 9 of our agreement,

“The borrower and lender can make changes to the agreement as per their mutual understanding”.

So, if you agree, we can make changes to the agreement and can add one more clause to the agreement which will clearly state my offer to you.

“If the borrower will pay in full on or before 20th May 20xx, the amount of the debt will cut down to $ [x]”

I am generously offering you to settle your debt by paying in full an amount of $ [x] instead of $ [x] which is nearly half of it and you will surely get a cut down of 50%.

If you take my offer, it will not only save you time but also will save you 50% of your precious money which you may invest somewhere else. If you are accepting the offer, kindly let me know by giving me a call on my number [x]. You may also write to me on my email [x]. Whatever the scenario is, please do not forget to sign this letter in acknowledgment and send it back to me with your answer.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Awaiting your positive and wise response.


Debt settlement offer letter from creditor

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Settlement offer letter -2

I hope you are doing great. I am writing to discuss the debt that you need to repay me. I was going through the records and I am pleased to inform you that you never missed a single installment and are always before time in repayment. Seeing this behavior, I have a marvelous offer for you. I hope you will not be able to refuse it.

The amount you owe me is $ [x] out of which $ [x] is paid and $[x] is remaining. If we add the interest on it the amount will become $ [x]. Instead of paying such a huge amount, I offer you to pay the $ [x]; the amount without interest once and in full and your debt will be settled. I think it is a generous offer and your debt will be reduced to 50% in no time. Kindly consider the offer and let me know your answer by coming Monday.

If you are interested to take my offer, please acknowledge this letter by signing it and returning it to me. In case you have a query or confusion, you may call me on my number [x] or you may also write to me on [x].

I look forward to your positive response. Awaiting your reply.


Debt settlement offer letter from creditor

Document File: 28KB