Judgment Settlement Letter

Judgment settlement letter -1

I hope you are doing well. I am writing to give you an update in your case of divorce no X. The court has analyzed your case considering the arguments and evidence presented and ordered the final decree and final settlement.

The decree of the court regarding the settlement is as follows:

  1. The court approves the divorce of Mr. Shem Anthony and Ms. Scarlett Dsouza.
  2. This divorce will be valid from 26 June 20xx.
  3. From now onwards both of the parties will be considered separated individuals  
  4. Both parties have the right to remarry.
  5. Any of the joint ventures of the parties as husband and wife must be dissolved within 10 days of receiving this decree.
  6. Mr. Shem is liable to pay Ms. Scarlett X $ as the amount of alimony.
  7. The amount of alimony must be paid within a month of receiving this decree.

Please read the decree carefully and act accordingly. The court has also decided on the custody and guardianship of the children. The order for the custody of the children is attached with this letter for your perusal. Both of you cannot communicate with each other directly, hence you need an attorney as a mediator.

If you are not able to understand any clause of the decree my assistance is with you. You may call me at my number X or drop me an email on X. Both of you need to visit me to get the original documents. I have arranged a visit to my chamber on Monday 5th July 20xx at 4:00 pm. Kindly confirm your availability as early as possible.

In case you need legal help any further, I am assuring my availability. Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Awaiting your response.


Judgment Settlement Letter

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Judgment settlement letter -2

I hope all is well at your end. I am writing in response to the case you filed in court for your divorce. It is to notify you that the final decision of the court has been announced and settlement judgment has been passed. I am writing to share the decision of the court with you. The court has approved your divorce and has ordered the following settlement judgment:

  1. The divorce of Mr. Oliver Murphy and Ms. Emma Johnson has been approved.
  2. This divorce will be valid from 5th July 20xx.
  3. Both parties will not be able to communicate after the validity of the divorce. In case they need to see each other or talk about matters, a legal attorney is required as a mediator.
  4. The custody of the child Beth Murphy will be given to the mother. However, the father would be able to meet the child every Wednesday and Saturday for two hours.
  5. The joint accounts of both parties should be dissolved immediately after this decree.
  6. Mr. Oliver will pay $ X as the amount of alimony to Ms. Emma Johnson.
  7. The amount of alimony of $ X should be paid within 7 days of receiving this judgment.

Please read the judgment carefully and act accordingly. In case you have a query or question please do not hesitate to contact me. You may reach me at my number X or email me at my email address X. If you need any further help in the future, I am assuring my availability for you.

I have arranged a visit for you both to receive the original documents from my office. You may visit me on Monday 25th July 20xx at 3: 00 pm. Please confirm your availability at your earliest. I look forward to hearing from you soon.


Judgment Settlement Letter

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