Justification Letter for Additional Employee

Justification letter -1

I am writing this letter to request permission to hire an additional employee in our department who can manage and do research work. As you know in the last meeting with the dean, the agenda of research was highlighted. Our number of students are more than any of the department of the university but we are far behind in research. I think there are numerous reasons for this lack.

Firstly, we are overburdened with a flux of courses and extra courses that we teach. Although the extra courses are paid, it takes a lot of time to study and prepare a quality lecture for a subject.

Secondly, we are taking courses in all our allied departments as ours is a compulsory subject. Dealing with a variety of students in every class is a challenge.

Thirdly we are dealing with 50-70 students per class that mean around 700-1000 assessments per class including all the quizzes, assignments, presentations, midterm, and final examination. This burden of checking takes a lot of time and energy. The result is, we are lacking in research. I am not questioning the capabilities of our competent teachers, they all are professionals and are doing their best. They are not getting enough time to ace in all fields.

I propose the addition of an employee in our department whose sole responsibility will be formatting the research papers of the teacher and submitting them in renowned journals for the process of publication. We will hire him or her for the position of research associate.

Let me assure you it will be beneficial for both the department and the university. It will not only increase our production but also it will save the time of our teachers who are under a lot of pressure of producing research as the rector aptly said, “publish or perish” we surely do not want to perish when we can do quality research, what we need is a little help.

I hope you will accept my request and will allow me to send this request to the human resource department.

I look forward to hearing from you soon. Awaiting your positive response.


Justification letter for an additional employee

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Justification letter -2

I am writing this letter to request a new employee in the department of customer care. I am pleased to tell you that our work is progressing day by day but to manage customers is getting tough as their number is increasing. Most of the time they wait in a long queue to get their desired product. I would like to suggest improving the situation.

We need to hire a new employee who can lend a hand in handling customers. Also, we can make another counter to split the rush and make the flow of customers smooth. It will not only save our time but also will give benefit to the company as it is rightly said time is money.

If our customers remain in this situation of waiting, they will become frustrated and ultimately will leave us. Time is precious for everyone and our customer’s matters. So kindly permit me to interview a few people for this new post.

I look forward to hearing from you. Waiting for your approval.


Justification letter for an additional employee

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