Notice of Intent to Collect Debt

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It is to notify you that your installment of the repayment of debt for the month of May is still pending. The due date has been long past and it’s been almost a month now that we are trying to reach out. Despite our continuous reminder you are not paying the debt and not even replying to our emails and attending our phone calls. This letter will serve as a final notice to you because we are forwarding your case to the court by 20th October 20xx. If you will pay before the date mentioned above, the case will not be forwarded to the court.

You might hear from our legal representative now for further correspondence. The total amount due for the installment is $[x] and the fine of late payment until today and interest on the amount make the total of $[x]. I request you to pay the amount or otherwise the court will ask you for the money.

In case you want to discuss things with me, you may call me on my number [x]. If you are not able to pay the said amount this month I can extend the due date. If you wish to settle this matter outside the court you may reach me before 19th October 20xx. I would recommend considering this matter as urgent. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation. Awaiting your quick response.


Letter of intent to collect debt

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Sample -2

I hope you are doing well. It is to inform you that the last payment we received from your side was on 5th May 20xx and the payment for this month’s debt is still pending. I have attached a copy of the receipt of the last month’s payment with the letter.

You have been punctual in paying the installment and this delay is beyond my understanding. If you have already paid the installment of the debt for this month and our system is not acknowledging it kindly rectify me and send the original receipt in response to this letter. You may also drop me an email at [x] or give me a call at my number [x] to clarify things.

However, if you are unable to pay the installment this month, kindly let me know. After investing in your case I can offer you an alternative in form of an extension or maybe a partial payment option will be used. I have arranged a visit for Monday 12th June. I believe if you will come we can discuss all the scenarios on the table. I am hopeful this will help us both.

In case you will not respond and talk to us, unfortunately, we will be moving towards the court for legal action. You still have a week to think about it. After a week my legal representative will approach you to discuss things further and give you a legal notice to appear in court.

I would advise you to talk to us first. I assure you we can settle this matter in our office rather than the court. I look forward to hearing from your soon. Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

Letter of intent to collect debt

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