Paralegal Introduction Email to Client

Email -1

This is Emily Bennet from Dentons Law Firm. I am working here for 5 years. I have been working with many other lawyers and have learned enough from this experience. As my client, I will make things easier for you as much as I can.

You will not have any issue from my side, I’ll make sure. I will always be there for the queries. I will respond to you as soon as possible. It will take 24 to 48 hours maximum to respond to your emails.

I consider your queries and will respond during this time simply because it will take time to think and respond to the query not without thinking. That’s the reason I have mentioned this time span. To respond instantly can be a hasty answer to the question.

We will discuss each and every matter regarding your case. The details must be shared with me and make sure that you should not hide anything from me. This can make things more complex. These things must be known by you for better and effective communication.

I will be there in my office, and you can communicate via email as well. You can visit my office at any time without hesitation. There would be no restriction. I have also attached a file with this email. You can have a look at it. It has all the rules and conditions I have mentioned here in a documented form. It will make our connection strong and comfortable enough to deal with your queries.


Paralegal Introduction Email to Client

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Email -2

This is Michael David from Sidley Austin law firm. It is to inform you that I am your lawyer appointed to deal with your recent case. I am working in this firm as a senior attorney for many years. I am experienced enough to deal with any sort of issue. You will be comfortable in my company as your lawyer.

I will make sure to resolve each and every problem in your case. You will return satisfied. If you are sending me an email, the response will take 48 hours maximum to be sent. Because it takes some time to think of the best suggestion and answer to every query. So, this time is maximum which depends on the urgency of your issue.

For you, I must say that you have to share each and every minor detail from me regarding the issue. There should be nothing hidden from me about you and your case. Each detail can help in any situation. Otherwise, the case can be prolonged.

These were some important instructions about the communication we will be having for your case. It will make our connection strong and trustworthy. You can visit me during my visiting hours on any day if needed. Otherwise, you can reach out to me via email.

You can see the attached file which will make things clearer, and you can easily understand everything about me and my career as well. And, it will not take much time.

I hope that I can resolve your issue and you will get satisfied. In this way, you and I will be glad to have each other in a time of need.


Paralegal Introduction Email to Client

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