Payroll Agreement Letter Templates

Agreement letter -1

I hope all is well with you. Regarding the interview held on Tuesday 25th March 20xx, we are pleased to offer you a position of [X] in our organization. To make things official, please acknowledge this letter and write back to us.

To start the job, you will be signing the payroll agreement with us. You may come on Monday 2nd April 20xx at 3:00 pm and sign the agreement. For your convenience and consideration, I am sharing the terms and conditions beforehand. Please go through them and let me know if you do not understand any particular clause or term. The clauses are as follows: 

  1. This agreement certifies the employment of Ms. Emma Johnson in our organization with effect from 5th April 20xx. 
  2. The work will be hourly paid and the employee must complete 45 hours per week to be eligible for the salary 
  3. The gross pay would be $ [X] per hour. However, it will be paid on monthly basis. 
  4. The salary is subject to deductions of income tax, medical insurance, provident fund and social security.
  5. The benefits of the medical and provident fund will be effective once the probation period is over. 
  6. The employee must complete the probation period of 3 months to secure a permanent place in our organization. 
  7. The employee and the employer can cancel the agreement with one-month prior notice. However, if the employee wants to leave in the period of probation no notice is required. 
  8. The permanent position of the employee is also subject to one audit per annum. 
  9. The employee is bound to perform all the duties communicated to him and will carry them out faithfully. 
  10. The employee will comply with the policies of the organization. 
  11. The employee can expect some extra work regarding the job field other than what is communicated to him already. 

Kindly go through these clauses and visit us to sign the agreement. We welcome you onboard and wish you the best of luck in your future endeavors with us. Looking forward to hearing from you. Thank you. 


Payroll agreement letter

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Agreement letter -2

As per our telephonic conversation, I am sharing the terms and clauses of the payroll agreement with you. I request you to please keep this inquiry confidential. If you agree to the terms mentioned below, kindly let us know at your earliest. The terms are as follows: 

  1. The employee will be paid $ [X] per month. 
  2. The working hours are 40 per week however the timing is flexible. 
  3. Overtime will be paid after the probation period $ [X] per hour. 
  4. The agreement can be terminated with 3 months prior notice or else the salary of 3 months will be kept in lieu. However, there is no need for the notice period in the probation period. 
  5. The employee agrees to comply with all the policies of the organization violating which will result in the termination of the employee. 
  6. The gross salary of $ [X] is subject to the following deductions: provident fund, medical insurance and social security. 

Kindly go through the terms and after understanding them all, visit us on 20th April 20xx Monday to sign the agreement. In case you have any query please feel free to contact me at my number X or email me at X. 

Looking forward to hearing from you soon. Waiting for your quick response. 


Payroll agreement letter

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