Power of Attorney Letter for Banking Transactions

PoA Letter -1

I, Eliot Jordan have authorized my brother [NAME] as power of attorney for bank transactions. His name is Edgar Jordan lives at (address, Finland). He is a responsible person for these tasks and for this reason I allow him as my attorney-in-fact.

I have provided all the details of the bank account to him about the query, and he will deal with it in a better way. He knows the procedure and it will take not much time to take over all his responsibilities by him. There is a reason for granting all these powers to the relative person.

I have to go out of the country and due to this reason, I have to hand over these things to him for some time. I want to take this over from the very next week from 20th XX to 30th xx. And make sure that the time duration should not exceed the stated date.

I do not want any delays in this matter. There are some responsibilities that can be assigned to my attorney-in-fact in the coming week. These include that my brother can make transactions from the bank whenever he needed, he has the right to deposit the money in my account when he needs to, he is eligible to sign any kind of documents when needed.

I authorize him to do all these responsibilities to take in when I leave. Kindly make sure that he will be able to take command of all these duties from the mentioned period.


Power of Attorney Letter for Banking Transactions

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PoA Letter -2

I am writing this to you for authorizing my friend Jonathan Taylor as attorney-in-fact. He has been living in (address, Florida). He is a loyal friend and I want him to have these authorities of attorney-in-fact for two months.

He also had fulfilled this responsibility for another friend as well and he has proved to be a trustworthy person for this purpose. I have talked to him a day before yesterday and discussed this issue with him. I also have provided all the relevant details of my account and the procedure to him so that he can take over in no time.

I request to grant him all the powers mentioned in this letter. I would not do this, but I have no choice right now and I want immediate actions to take in this regard.

I am taking this decision because I met a severe accident yesterday and I am advised to take complete bed rest for two months and have nobody here in this city to accompany me in this matter. I only have Jonathan to help me, and I am allowing him to have this right as soon as possible.

Two months is a maximum time duration in which I want Jonathan to be attorney-in-fact. There are some responsibilities which include that the authorized person can sign on any sort of documents related to bank, he can make transactions from the bank when I ask him or when he needs to, he will be depositing in the bank when I ask him to. Kindly make sure that he will have these powers immediately and this responsibility will be over after two months as mentioned earlier.


Power of Attorney Letter for Banking Transactions

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