Power of Attorney Letter for Education-related Decisions

PoA Letter -1

I, Elizabeth Bennet son of George Bennet being a rightful person authorize David Daniel as an agent to act as an authoritative person to make decisions regarding my educational matters. The authorized person is my uncle and I have made this decision because my father is no more and it’s difficult for me to manage everything. That is why it was necessary for me to appoint someone as my guardian or attorney-in-fact.  He is a responsible person and also, he does not have any sort of problem being my agent.

I want him to take this responsibility as soon as possible. I have asked him or guided him about all the duties and proceedings to be my agent. He is now aware of all the terms and conditions. There are some responsibilities mentioned, which will be taken over by my uncle David Daniel.

These include attending all the meetings with teachers annually, paying the dues before the deadline, monitoring my performance throughout the session he is allowed to sign any document related to my educational matter. He will have the power of attorney as long as I want him to be.

The duration is expected to be one to two years, until then David Daniel will be my agent. I want these powers to be taken over by him from tomorrow. Kindly authorize him as soon as possible.


Power of Attorney Letter for Education-related Decisions

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PoA Letter -2

This is Trevor Ray living in London for four years. Ray Fredric is my father living in UAE. I am writing this letter to you to authorize [X] to act as my agent and take over all the responsibilities related to my education.

I authorize my sister Brenda Ray as my attorney-in-fact. I have made this decision because my father is no more capable to bear the responsibilities due to his illness. Therefore, I appoint my sister to take these responsibilities from now on. I have consulted her about these things before writing this letter and she is willing to take over.

I have made this decision because I want someone to be my agent until I become a competent adult to handle all these things. There are some responsibilities that need to be addressed by the authorized person.

I have already discussed everything with her, but I found it important to mention those here as well. These include that she will be dealing with all the financial issues, she can sign the documents related to my educational matters, she will be concerned with my performance at the institute, she will be attending all the meetings with my teachers to have some knowledge about how my studies and performance is going.

My agent will take care of all her responsibilities to be done on time. I haven’t decided the time duration of this power. But I will make sure that whenever we will decide, I will let the authorities know about it immediately.

Kindly allow my sister to be an agent from the coming week so that she can attend the upcoming meeting at my institute.  


Power of Attorney Letter for Education-related Decisions

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