Response to Request for Proposal Legal Services

Response to request letter -1

As per your request on October 20, 20xx, I am sending you a list of the legal services my firm can provide along with their costs. The practice areas in my firm are plenty. These include bankruptcy law for which we would charge X$, intellectual property law for which charges are Y$ per, we charge Z$ per hour for juvenile law, for corporate law as well as environmental law only B$ are charged.

However, for relatively simple cases like a will or uncontested divorce, a flat fee is charged (hours aren’t considered), that is A$. Be assured that this fixed price includes all labor, material, and equipment necessary for the performance of respective contracts.

In case you are dubious of the services we provide, my firm is quite famous for having won the infamous cases of politician Phoebe Larry, singer Patricia Gomel, and the million-dollar company Zellies. We also have a lot of experience advising NGOs like Tefa and Sanu. I assure you that you will be in safe hands if you choose to accept our services.

Once you agree to become our client, our attorneys will make sure to be accessible on short notice physically or on the phone as well as by e-mail. We would be pleased to receive your contract so that we can send you the professional and educational background of the attorneys we would assign you.


Response to Request for Proposal Legal Services

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Response to request letter -2

Hope you are doing well. Just a while ago I received your mail asking about what sort of legal service you require and how much it would normally cost for the lawsuit you have received. Frankly, you have not explained clearly so I cannot say for sure, but it seems like you require services in the practices of maritime and corporate law.

I do not know what trouble or legal charges you have come to face but as a contract lawyer, I am well-versed in the law for cases of this type. I only confirm the charges after judging the complexity and type of the case. However, that difference in price difference usually is not more than Y$. Per hour, I charge X$ for the practice of maritime and for Z$ corporate section. However, I can offer you a discount based on your income which in legal terms is called sliding scale pricing.

Honestly though, if you are in need of these legal services, I would make sure to provide you with our best attorneys who are well-versed in these practices. In fact, I would like to invite you for a consultation so that we can discuss the lawsuit you are facing. That will charge you C$ only. In case, I have to refer you to another competent lawyer, I would gladly do so and that will cost you not more than A$.

In case you need to contact me for consultation or any other advice, please call me at or send me a text at the same number. If my services are required, I would be glad to offer them. Hope to hear from you soon.

Response to Request for Proposal Legal Services

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