Satisfaction of Debt Letter Templates

Debt Letter -1

It is to inform you that I have received the proof and the copies of my settlement. I am satisfied with the process now. Later I have been receiving calls and letters for the debt even after the final payment, but everything is sorted now and there are no more calls and reminders. I am satisfied with all the processes of debt collection. My name from the database of the debt collection agency is also removed.

Furthermore, it is very inconvenient that even after the payment, we are receiving calls or reminders again and again. It can make the person annoyed by the repeated action. Kindly consider it feedback and make this thing better, not to engage people in the calls when they have paid their money on time. It will create an impact on your own feedback.

However, I am still available if you need any proof or document related to the settlement and the final payment, I am here to help you in this matter but kindly don’t disturb me again and again to take confirmation about my debt payment. I have paid the settlement in time.


Satisfaction of debt letter

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Debt Letter -2

This is Michael, one of your debtors who has paid the debt successfully. This is a satisfaction letter to you that I am totally satisfied with the whole process. I have taken the debt on 11th May 20xx and paid it on 31st May 20xx from my account. I felt that it took you long to remove my name from your database because I am still receiving the calls and emails for the confirmation of my debt. 

I am satisfied with everything including taking the debt, paying it, and the payment method as well. The only thing that bothers me is this attitude from your side of giving and asking about the debt payment again and again. This is very distracting for a working man to answer to it even after the payment. It will affect your own repute when an action is taken from our side. Please make sure that no further reminder is needed to let me know or ask me if I have paid the debt or not.

I am a working person, and the calls disturb and annoy me so much. There is no purpose in doing so even after the debt payment. Kindly take serious notice of this letter that no more calls should be received from your side now. If I am not writing to you that doesn’t mean that I am not getting disturbed or am ok with your calls and reminders.

Please improve this thing from your side. Otherwise, people are fully aware of their rights, and they can take serious action against you which will be difficult for you to handle. Apart from the matter stated above I am satisfied with the whole process, and I have proof of my payment and if you still feel that there is an ambiguity from my side then kindly have a look at the attached file which is the proof of my payment.  


Satisfaction of debt letter

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