Tender Submission Cover Letter

Cover letter -1

Greeting’s sir! I am extremely pleased to respond to your tender proposal number# 00 dated October 20, 20xx and due December 20, 20xx.

I am the CEO of a small, scaled greeting card publishing company named ‘Pop Prints’ and on behalf of my company, I am saying that we can publish the cards of your choice without any trouble. I saw that in the tender offer not only did you want 500 cards each of different designs and colors but also printed mugs.

When I read both the requirements, I was overjoyed because I have recently expanded my business and set my company’s foot in the mug and shirt printing business. Thus, I would be extremely happy to take you up on the offer.

In case you want to view the reviews, our company has received as well as the quality of products, our company has managed to successfully sell, please visit our company’s social media pages and assess our services for yourself. The links of which are [X] and [Y]. In case you would like to come and visit to examine our services and product quality in a person, the store manager would be glad to welcome you warmly.

Please sir, if you are interested in accepting our offer, call us on X or email us at X. We shall then set up a meeting at a suitable time and discuss our conditions and requirements. I hope to strike up an interesting and mutually beneficial deal with you.


Tender submission cover letter

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Cover letter -2

Hope this email, finds you in the best of your health. I am glad that I am eligible to respond to your tender proposal# 00 dated October 20, 20xx and due December 20, 20xx. I would like to apologize for responding so close to the due date though. I did not think that such an excellent offer would be where I found it.

I am a freelancer named ‘WatsonWorks’ on the freelancing website: Guru where graphic designing is my forte. I have designed logos, advertisements, and websites for many famous companies such as Firent, ChasebookS, CrockChips, etc. All of them had signed three months long contracts with me, exactly what you require as mentioned in the proposal.

I also have a five-man reliable team with me now. So, I can work for you on a good number of projects which I can assure that I will submit on time. If you would like to view our previous works, please download my portfolio in the attachment.

I have viewed the price you are willing to pay, and my team and I think it is adequate for the length of contract you wish to sign and the presumed number of projects that need to be handled within the given time.

If you wish to benefit from our services, please call at x or email us at x. We shall then choose a suitable spot to discuss the terms and conditions in detail.

Thank you for taking the time to read this letter. I really hope to hear from you soon.


Tender submission cover letter

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